Take your Time

Manage stress

Reinforce resilience

I invite you to start the journey, that of opening the DOORS which will allow you to access a life you imagined or dreamed of, but no holiday stay allowed you to discover.

A retreat where not only do you relax in the moment but you will leave with tools that will aid you in succeeding in doing things your way, minimise stress and finally, relieve yourself of your anxious thoughts and stressors.

My definition of a retreat

Withdraw in order to take time for one’s self. This means that we have to set an intention to get better, change things in our personal lives and learn more about ourselves.

Making this decision is a very personal thing, it belongs to you.

The location will be

The Balearic Islands

Ibiza and Formentera

The Pituisas as they are called are the sister islands of the Balearic Islands. You will find the sweetness of life, a delicious cuisine bursting with colours. Mediterranean Spain mi amigo!

The locals are very hospitable in this unique place in the world.

The magic of these 2 islands is neither a legend nor an illusion since the energy here is stimulating, rich in sensations and invigorating. Keeping it’s soul is not easy in time of fast travel and low cost packages, so we rely a lot on visitors to keep the beaches and our Mediterranean Sea clean.

There are more nationalities on the Islands but only one culture,  Spanish, the Balearic Islands, free, which gives them a very harmonious richness. Smiles are commonplace.

Our partner hotels, depending on availability:

Hotel Casbah in Formentera

Ibiza and Formentera soothe your nervous system.

They call you to a slower, natural and sereine pace.

Because it is our authentic pace. Before we are caught up with work, children, social life and the reality of everyday life. But all this is good, we have nothing against it. Except that this hectic life too focussed on one aspect of our living, does not seem balanced and healthy especially if you find no sense in any of it.

A typical day

Here’s what a day could look like in the Doors retreat program.


Les questions poseés fréquemment

Yes, from the age of 14

No, for the moment but on request we could organize it in France without problem.

No more than 12 people. We would like to give everyone their space and privacy – to feel safe and confident that only a small committee can provide.

Yes, but the content of the workshops and / or round tables is different at each session and sometimes will be chosen according to the request of the group. It is, after all, YOUR stay…

Yes!! The mother-in-law, the neighbour, the nanny etc…

No, because the stay has already started, but you should discuss this possibility with the hotel for unused nights.


By contacting us directly, on the site, by email, even by phone, or even by DM on instagram with all your requests and wishes.

We will send you a quote within 24 hours.