“My desire is simply to share my knowledge and offer the treasures of life that my experience, training, skills and relationships with others have brought me, so that the talented experts that we all are can finally be at our service to ourselves… for LIFE. ”


Happy to have you

I’m with you also as a guide through this experience.

Hello, I am Uli ! 

Bilingual English coach, PCC level (Professional certified coach) by the ICF (International Coaching Federation)

Assistant trainer of the European School of Philosophy and Psychotherapies (EEPA) in Lille, Hauts de France.


What is it all about?

Coaching is personal or professional support (both are always linked) by a certified professional coach in order to solve problems, strengthen our abilities and skills and meet the challenges of a demanding career. Also, finding tools to succeeding in one’s personal and social life.

It is neither therapy nor a conversation between a savant and a non-savant, not a consultant interview and certainly not training. The expert is YOU.

We are therefore equal to equal. I will build with you, your team or in your relationship as a couple, a better balance by unlocking your potentials that are non existent or not sufficiently utilized.

Professional & Business

The goal is excellence and the strengthening of your know-how in your profession or in the building of your projects. How to expand your career with motivation and drive, ambition and meaning above all, towards a goal that is yours and/or that of your company.

Ambition and self-care can be compatible. We will learn the art of combing the reality of the business world while being empathic and bold in succeeding in our goals.

I organise workshops and retreats in collaboration with my partners, which aim to help you regain your ability to meet the challenges of your professional life, your position within the company and the changes intrinsically linked to the professional world; We not only help you cope, we reinforce your resiliency.

Personal & Life coaching

I have this deep belief that each of us has powerful and varied resources that are at our service throughout our lives. I will not seek to change you but to help you reconnect with your resources, unleash your potential and help you remember who you really are.

We have been conditioned to live this social, hectic, demanding and stressful life.

But human beings are capable of much more and relearning to manage stress, difficult relationships, setting up a life that allows us to enjoy our resources etc. Finally, to offer us a chance at happiness. The element that has often been said is unattainable. There is no key! Only a path…we will put you on it!

Collaborate with you

I am available by appointment.

At my office at 2nd Rue Princess in Lille


Meetings, organizing group stays, couples retreat and coaching sessions on intimacy.

You have put in place good elements that allowed you to get where you are.
I say congratulations. The ambition would be to release your potential and strengthen your achievements.

Change or even replace those who no longer serve you and finally allow your talents to bring you the success, serenity and SENSE for which you work.