I am Ulyemi!

Psychoanalyst Therapist & Coach

Drawing my experience from years of practice in Jungian psychoanalysis and solution-oriented brief therapy.

My story

A simple story, but that I will try to make interesting

Studied Literature, modern languages, took him to France. Then, after a short career as a freelance T.V reporter.
Uli decided to resume his studies following the economic crisis of 2008.

A retreat in within myself will be necessary, it lasted 1 year… I know, but it takes what it takes.
5 years of study and some more in human sciences and the fascinating human mind.

Trained at the European School of Psychotherapy and Applied Philosophy, where she is currently an Assistant in the lecturing team,
Uli also studied at Coaching Ways France. Mother of 2 boys, she practices in Lille and lives between the Balearic Islands and France.

Driving through the beautiful surroundings of the North-east side of Ibiza and the entire formentera Islands early 2016, I distinctly remember the thoughts that went through my mind. 
Doors retreat was born after almost 2 years of research. Following training at the European School of Psychotherapy and Applied Philosophy, I moved to the Lille metropolis in the north of France.
There are so many retreats and offers on wellness-based programs out there, why would I want to begin one of my own?

My practice as such led me to create this program.
DOORS… How to transform the difficulties of our lives into Gold; Alchemy.

No, you’re not dreaming…since it’s you who are going to carry out the transformation…

Why Doors Retreat in Formentera and Ibiza?

The Ayurveda

Having benefitted from treatments (and a complete cure of small chronic ailments and digestive discomfort) through Ayurveda, it made seance to include the alternative medicine into the program. Uli is convinced that this holistic approach can help others.Especially since this is compatible with conventional medicine. Ayurveda is a science of complete and lasting healing.

Ayur = science
Veda = life

This traditional medicine is a holistic approach that aims not only to treat ailments but to rebalance the dis ease with an almost tailor-made diet; you eat according to your natural constitution, body size and your own mode of digestion.

Yes, we believe that all disease begins in the intestines… The 4 seasons are pillars in the practice of Ayurveda.

It Describes each person as unique thanks to certain elements of our own anatomical and organic constitution.

There are 3 major categories: PITTA, VATA & KAPHA. The 3 can be present in groups of 2 in one person.

I myself am vata at 62% and. Kapha for the rest.

Food is our first medicine. Then we could treat ourselves, heal and enjoy eating.
This, by eating dishes that nourish us deliciously rather than make us sick (rather than the other way around.)

This life science improves our health and well-being in general… it’s true that after eating a few dates and drinking a glass of Almond milk with a pinch of turmeric and cinnamon, I feel like giving everyone I meet a high five!! 

However, it is very important to note that changing your diet overnight is not recommended.
Always consult your doctor before combining preparations prescribed by your Ayurvedic practitioner and keep them informed of any significant changes in your diet. These 2 approaches are not in competition but in collaboration; one that treats and the other that goes to the root or source of the problem or even imbalance.

It is intended to align the body and soul.

Love, Uli