Come find
Yourself !

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The objective of this program

Doors Retreat Program is true to it’s nature; that of authentic Well-being of the mind, body and soul. The common thread here is taking it slow. “

Give you access to your inner-self, own your time, contact your emotions and understand them.

To take the time, in an ideal environment surrounded by the elements of nature to rediscover the real rhythm : slowness, take a step back to simply rest and why not, reconnect with yourself.

Find keys to resolve difficult relationships, professional and family conflicts but also propose another way to evolve and regain awareness of one’s body.

Accepting life as it is, but seeking to change for a healthier lifestyle.

Long-term desired results

Stronger immune system, a rested body, a caler mind and a new opportunity to regain control of your life. Rest, Restore and Recover….

The meaning of my existence is that life poses to me a question. Or conversely, I myself am a question asked to the world and I must provide my answer, otherwise I am reduced to the answer that the world will give me.

CG Jung

Facilitating your Retreat Experience

I am Uli  !

Drawing my experience from years of practising Jungian psychoanalysis and solution-oriented brief therapy, I am also a life & carrier coach. CCF*

Why choose Doors Retreat program?

Doors retreat was born after almost 2 years of research. Following training at the European School of Psychotherapy and Applied Philosophy, I moved to the Lille metropolitan area in the north of France.

My practice as such led me to create this program. DOORS… Alchemy;

How to transform the difficulties of our lives into Gold; l’Or in French 

They found themselves!